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Created 25-Mar-13
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Stories, Myths, and Legends are created to teach young children that there is always a price to their actions. These lessons can be carried on into adulthood and even affect the way people act towards others and even themselves. On occasion these stories can be brushed off as just tales and regarded as simple entertainment. I have chosen three famous Greek Myths to depict the idea of value in today’s society and what it means to us as a western culture. These images show scenes from the stories of King Midas, Narcissus, and Pandora’s Box as forms of value and show what in time this will do to us as individuals. Each set of images shows a sense of self induced isolation that a person may put themselves through. Instead of seeing what is important they instead put their faith and trust in such things as material possessions, beauty, and social status. This series of images shows the destruction of three individuals who go through this lost sense of value until eventually it destroys them completely.

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