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Created 25-Mar-13
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What does your style say about you? How comfortable are you in your own shoes? How do you show how you feel without expressing it? These are the questions I asked during this particular shoot. While photographing I had my models do a series of different things, first of which was pick out a few different pairs of their favorite shoes. Once they had picked them out I set them up in the studio and told them to just act the way they always act while I took the photos and asked them questions. While having these conversations I discovered each girl had a different expression, not with her face, but instead with her feet. I focused in on what her feet did for every emotion such as happiness, shame, or even anger. These stances are also affected greatly by the shoes in particular, and really showed how even a pair of shoes can have an effect on someone's personality and outlook on a situation. I have chosen to leave out the emotions from each photograph to allow the viewer to wonder what each girl was feeling or maybe even talking about during that particular shot.

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